Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two years ! How swiftly the years pass by when you have children!

Just like that, two years have passed by, two years of bringing up little one, two years of not going to work at all, two years of stay at home mom - The two years have definitely passed away quickly - just like a blink of an eye. Now my little one is grown and I am not ready for her to grow up any more - I know she is still tiny and she is still my baby but sometimes as a year passes me by - I just want to hold her and let her be young. I have understood that these few years before she turns into a teenager and then an adult, I believe she is mine and I am hers. Soon when she grows up she will have her friends and slowly they might become the center of her world while we fade away a bit.

 For now I treasure some of these moments: both the good and the bad...

  • I remember the day she was born and they brought her to me and she opened her big brown dark eyes and looked at me - and for that instance it seems like time just stopped still and I felt that a bright radiance just filled the room and surrounded us and to me it seemed magical. She was magical for me.
  • I remember  the tireless nights I woke up to her cries and couldn't soothe her until I put on the Disney mickey mouse cartoon just to wake her up so I could calm her down. 
  • I remember when she was still a baby during the day she would wiggle her hands and legs in rotation for about two hours until she got exhausted and fell asleep for another two hours, woke up again and did this - we call her rotations - her exercise.
  • I remember our trip to India on the flight, I had my aunt with  me so all was fine, it was coming back with just me and her, and she continuously cried for that last one hour in high pitch before landing. Nothing I did pacified her and as everybody looked at me - I just wanted to disappear into my seat.
  • I remember in India, she was curious about all the noises. Usually here in London, it  only me and her  spending  the day together mostly but in India there were tons of relatives and family members and I was so she acclimated herself quite socially with others.
  • I remember all the times she went from one stage to another until she could walk - she was always persistent to get to the next stage. I think even though she had started walking, for awhile she preferred the crawl, only because she was faster at it.
And for the now
  • One of her first words were daddy and not mummy but when she finally did say mummy - it was the cutest thing - even cuter than the way she said daddy. Now we converse - mummy - blah blah blah but mummy....and so on we go...
  • She understands much more - she give hugs and kisses, she listens to instruction and she loves getting kudos. She give mummy the general hug and pat on her back for her not to worry!
  • She understands what it means to be hurt  and if mummy and daddy don't know about it - she makes sure we sympathize with her, she points out where she got hurt and how.
  • She still wants to get her way and has a small tantrum routine which is ignored by mummy and daddy and as parents we are happy its not much as before but its still there.
  • She gets easily frustrated - she can't understand why her teddy or mickey can't sit on one of her building block. 
  • She hates getting messy with food and is such a fussy eater -  rice and lentils are the only healthy thing she eats - of course I mash the veges and add it to the lentils - she has no idea! She loves chocolate and ice cream.
  • She loves the Ipad we have - she thinks its hers - she perfects her gangnam style moves by observing the PSY on youtube.
  • She knows her please and thank you's!
Oh golly! There is much much more - but for now these should suffice - since that's how much my memory can stretch of the last two years right now - I am sure I'll come up with more later....


  1. Time does go by so fast! My oldest is about to start kindergarten and I'm so sad about it :( I know its selfish, but I wanted him to stay little forever!

  2. I think the same thing when I look at my youngest son. How did the years pass so quickly? Has it really been almost 6 years since this little guy changed my life forever?

  3. My son is 5 and sometimes I do think like, omg..where have the years gone by! Thanks to the countless photos, we get to remember where we took him for his first holiday abroad, for his second birthday, or his first beach trip =)

    You daughter is beautiful! May she grow up to be afine young lady

    1. Thanks Kero, I know now with all the technology we can capture those precious moments with our child...much more often than before!

  4. We are in the same boat! My daughter just turned two and I feel exactly the same way. I know the teenage years will come way too soon!

    1. Thanks Rachel for commenting...yes i agree we are in the same boat...i enjoy reading your blog...and resonate to it completely perhaps because I am going through those same emotions as well!

  5. My son did the same thing - spoke Daddy first and it was heartbreaking to me. Before you know it she will be screaming Mommy all day long. Enjoy the silence.