Monday, August 5, 2013

Making a push in the WRITE direction, LOOKING for advice, tips and ideas to BLOG from fellow bloggers and writers!!

So I have turned a year older just yesterday, I
don't look forward to birthdays anymore - it reminds me I am growing old. I am not one of those who think ooh...yes older and doing me good. I want to wish my slim figure back with the propensity to eat anything I want and still remain slim. Now I need to watch that weight which sides are they appearing on - for a long time - till I turned 30 I could pass off as a teenager - now  I actually look older - I feel older -and I am yet ambivalent on whether I am comfortable with the older look. And yes with age comes maturity and responsibility which I lack immensely - everyone has taken care of me - and now I know that I need to push myself to do the same for others and yes for me, myself as well. Unfortunately I am so lackadaisical about the whole thing and I think that worries me. So I am going to start with a little push -I am going to blog every day of this month - I am a little late for this month but its still the first week. There is no harm by starting now, this push is on the writing aspect of things I want to get done to be a better writer. There are other things I would like to push myself to do but I guess I will surely blog about them later for now I will stick to writing.

This for the Readers

So for those of you who stop by and read this post - let me know where I need to grow. I am talking to those mommy's like me who have blogs or for those who have  accomplished blogs to give me some advice - let me know how you came about starting your blog and what you have learnt along the way. I am a beginner and I want to learn!! I do read a lot on blogging and writing  and sometimes there is such a flood of information that I  sometimes feel I get a brain drained and confused.Its then I take a break. Do you writers and bloggers ever feel like that?

Ideas for Blog Writing

How many of you bloggers struggle with getting ideas to write on your blogs? I do. I was given advice to have a little book and pen and write down everything possible that popped in my head. But needless to say I have a two year toddler who is going through a phase of creative artwork on walls and papers - so every time I have my book out - there she is at my side - whining to give her my pen and book. So for now, I have the pen and book put away because I hardly can pop in that idea of mine in the book with a whining toddler. And I do lose a few ideas here and there but I am also looking for other bloggers to help me come up with ideas...maybe we can write about a topic...and read each others..what one has to say and have a discussion of sorts.

I do want to blog socially and learn about whatever there is on writing and blogging. I am hoping for anyone who comes by to journey it with me - whether you are new or a proficient blogger. I am looking for advice and growth and hopefully as I travel into this writing world I will be able to give back what I have journeyed along to others.

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