Thursday, August 8, 2013

Trying to follow a LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN DIET - are we doing it right?

Honey Mustard Chicken and  Baked Parsnips
Stuffed Bell Peppers with Red Cabbage Salad
So this happens occasionally in our household- every few months - we go dieting - so far we have tried the Dukan diet and the exante diet. Now we are in for the LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN diet, I am not sure if I am doing it right. I am first of all 'A not so good cook' and to try on recipes with healthy dieting, I surely come up short. But here is what I have made so far the past two weeks, I have made some effort in this so I thought I would share it along and these are the successful ones so far. Now my resources for some of these recipes are from Pinterest and of course some are just me dabbling in some food experiment and if it comes out tasty - I  do a whoppdeedoo dance in my mind!!! The judge always happens to be my husband and I am telling you I have had some bad experiments as well and hubby  truly gets unhappy about those. Now most of the food I posted I think qualify as Low Carb, High Protein diet - from my knowledge yesterday - we learnt that parsnips a little more higher on the carbs as a vegetable - but I know at times I am going to get it wrong but I am trying so it +1 for effort.
Chicken Cutlets with Spinach Salad
Sweet Chilli Mince Beef with Lettuce

Now why do we do this dieting - mostly my hubby's idea and I just join along  - he finds that he has put on some weight and wants to be healthy - i suppose same reason as every one out there who goes dieting. Also we being Indians - we loving eating our rice and curry every day. That happens to be lot of carb going in - and it extensively shows because we both happen to have stout little bellies. I usually do it yes one for healthy reasons and its something both my hubby and me are doing it together - it gives me a happy feeling.

So for you readers you can let me know which food plate is your favorite and if you are looking forward for the recipes too- let me know that as well!

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