Friday, June 28, 2013

How was your day today?

I have my good days, I have my semi-good-bad days and I have my bad days. It all depends on how I start my day and  my dysfunctional moods. Today is one of my semi -good- bad days. I would account this to that I feel some sense of brightness in my spirit - my writing is  is doing fine but everything else seems in chaos. So lets talk about the bad part of the day - getting up to rain and rain - I should be used to it by now that I have been living in London for the past 5 years but I have to say it still gets to me. Since my spirit is not so bad, I am not feeling the maximum brunt of it today but there are days I can just peek at the cloudy wet weather on my window and I just want to hover back under the covers and sleep and let the day pass me by. This never happens since I have a toddler who is awake and needs my attention.

 During the week, morning we get ready and I do the 30 minute walk to the children center where my toddler gets to play and socialize, the classes last about an hour and half and I trudge back the 30 minute (my  daily exercise)walk back home or take the long trek to do some groceries and back home. Absolutely exhausted, eat and put the little one in for a nap. Its Friday and I have allowed to give myself a break from all the walking and that means no class for the little one. Therefore this day accounts to boredom for my toddler, given that we have played half an hour of building blocks, half an hour of playing tea time and an hour of just dancing and prancing around the living room to some nursery rhymes and yet now there is nothing to do. Of course mommy here does have a horrendous hours of chores to do but she prefers to continue to dancing and not think of the 101 tasks.

The 101 tasks constitute to my feeling bad mood day- I think we mommy's have all been there. I got to clean, I got to iron, I got to vacuum, I got to cook dinner, I got to do laundry- I got to..I got to..I got to..- but I don't want to!!!!I have people over the weekend -yikes!!  I wish I knew earlier that being a mommy means - all home chores would ultimately come down to me - then I would have paid much more attention to my home science class. Its not the fact that I got to do them but its the guilt of procrastinating it because I absolutely abhor doing them. I have tried changing my perspective on how I think about chores - and this is far as I have got - they need to be done and I am happy and feel a sense of satisfaction when its all done!! So got get cracking!! I guiltily put on mickey mouse for the little one's entertainment promising myself I'll take her to the park when the weather gets better!

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