Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Do you worry about your health? I do !!! Taking control to work out my negligent health concerns.

Lately there have been a few things worrying me especially about my health. With trying to keep it all together I believe I don't look after myself well. And slowly the pieces are falling  and I am barely catching on it. I usually think the worst case scenario when it comes to my health but here goes to all the health dilemmas I am facing now which is slightly scaring me to the till.

The Hair Dilemma
I think this has been happening for quite sometime after my little one was born. I hardly noticed in the beginning but within the past few months - my husband has duly noting the fact that I am losing an amazing amount of hair - at the least I have been ignoring it every time he brings it up. But its gotten to a point that there seems to a small bald patch looming on my head. So finally  I have taken some control of the situation  I got myself to the GP and got some blood tests done and am anxiously waiting for the results.

The Hearing Dilemma
I never knew when I partially lost hearing but it first came to light only when I was sixteen but still I didn't need hearing aids. I could still hear enough to participate in conversations and I had got my first hearing aids only when I got married. The hearing thing has been a bit of a battle for me - more of self denial - the thought that I am not normal like everyone out there when I feel so normal  ( I do hear and it doesn't feel like I don't hear) upsets me. Lately now though my hearing has worsened and there has been some embarrassing situations - where I have heard it all wrong and spoken about something completely different from the conversation my friends are having.  I have taken another hearing test and my new hearing aids will likely arrive in few months but till then I am going to speak much less since I hear much less.

The Liver Dilemma???
This weekend we went over for family gathering and it seems to have been noted there are some patches of discoloration on my right cheeks - and to my dismay  they suppose it could be due to some live problem. Just hearing people scares the living out of me. I don't understand why people have the propensity to deduce health problem when they are not qualified. Now I have been occasionally touching my abdomen wondering if my liver is all right. Its another one that I need to take account on - hopefully my skin lesions on my right cheek has nothing to do with my liver.

The Rotten Tooth Dilemma
It was months when I went to the dentist for the nagging pain of my tooth and which has turned rotten. They gave me an account that to get it removed would cost me about £3000 pounds. I don't have that kind of money and was hoping I would get it done when I went to India. Perhaps there it wouldn't cost so much. But the nagging pain has disappeared and I have been keeping my rotten tooth so far but I duly need to do something about it. So far I have come across is that it might be cheaper with NHS and so I am eventually looking to get a nice white tooth there.

I always seem to undermine my health - hoping my body will take care of it and I will be fine. In some cases its good but I know when my body is telling me that it needs my help. I have been way too tired with just doing the minutest things and I finally need to take this under my control and that is what I am doing now.

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