Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Loving our local northwood library

Its taken me awhile to get my foot out that door to attend the local child classes in my community. For a long time I have been feeling a sense of apprehension of being an insecure new mother, being partially deaf and not facing all the judgement from other mothers. But I have finally got out, more like pushed myself out, my daughter has become a high energy  toddler and staying at home isn't an option.  She loves going out, her favorite words are shoes because it means we are out and about. This means to me that the needs of my daughter comes first and  I need to discard my fears and insecurity, its certainly not helping her.

So my first emphasis was getting to the weekly  story and rhyme sessions they had at our local library. The Northwood library is a small two story building where at the top level is more the quiet room with books for adults and college students and at the lower level they have a small area for the kids  with shelves of toddler, baby and self- help mommy books. Also they have colorful tables and animal chairs with paper and crayons for coloring.  What I love is that its usually full with kids of all ages and descent and makes me wonder why I was so afraid to attend, it seems so harmless and make me realize the insecurities were all in my head.

The classes are  usually held on Wednesday at 10am. In the kids area, the little tables and chairs have been pushed aside and a colorful cloth is put on the ground for all the toddlers to sit and also there is a box of rattles. The class is usually packed and we all sit around. There are two librarian who read the  books and nursery rhymes are very engaging. The first week I took my daughter she was literally shocked to see so many children and more so they knew all the rhymes she did. For the first few weeks, my daughter was in the stare and observe mode but since now we have been so often she has started participating in the rhymes which I am really glad. At the end of the rhyming session, they always have a creative making project which I absolutely love .My daughter might not be there yet to enjoy making them, but once we are done she loves it.Here are some of the projects we have done so far :

I think that is amazing that have these classes for babies and toddlers. I am happy that I am able to take her, it has also made me give in to absconding those fears of mine. My child is happy and I am happy. If you are like me, don't deter taking your child. For more information you can look at the local library website.

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