Thursday, June 27, 2013

What motivates your writing?

I have been sitting here stuck trying to write, a blank page before me and a blank screen in my mind. I love to write and and want to write but the words usually don't come just when I am at my desk. And especially this frustrates me because otherwise all I do is think of ideas, and  ideas to write but then when I come down it I have nothing to show so I leave frustrated and say Ill start again another day and so goes a vicious cycle and no writing gets done. But today I have decided to sit and not give up. Close my eyes and just write, write whatever comes to mind and truly now I am getting somewhere.

So what truly motivates you to write? For me, its having a passion for writing, and the need to improve on my writing but I don't always have those days.  I am one of those who give up easily unless I force myself to. I have never been fond of my writing and so my quest is to build and work my writing. So it just happened one day while I was reading an article, I read that one of the keys to good writing is to emulate good writers and since my writing is mostly blogging, I googled in top ten bloggers of  2013. This is where I found Joe Bunting - something I really needed to practice my writing. I also found Jeff Goins‎ -  his writing truly keeps me motivated. Its writers and feeling part of a community of writers where you writing can get constructive feedback like 'The Write Practice' that holds onto my motivation.

Do you daydream your writing? Just before I go to bed, its when my mind works the most and all ideas and words come through just like they are in sync with one another. These are the moments I think my best writing comes along.When I was back in high school , writing was a big chore and I usually left it to the last minute. And there was one day, when I went to bed, in the middle of the night I thought of my assigned essay topic and how to go about it and so I got up and wrote it out. It was the first draft and I didn't think much I was just happy it was done but when I did receive the results I was surprised that I had an A. Same went for my running a 5 K race, I used to plan out running the whole route in my mind in the night, the day before the race and the next day at the race I always improved on my time. So I have understood that mind can be an amazing tool and focusing on what I love truly motivates my results.

I don't know what motivates you, but  for me being part of community that motivates my passion, dreaming and showing up that it can really happen is what keeps me getting there.


  1. You have the right attitude! Keep trying, it takes a lot of discipline! I have the same issues, too, so you are not alone! I like keeping a blogging journal that I try to write in before bed and or upon rising in the a.m.

    1. hi lisa, thanks for your comment! it definitely made my day to keep forging on!