Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sightseeing in Bath on a sunny hot day last weekend! How do you spend your sunny weekend in UK?

History always surprises me at times. Its absolutely amazing to be in a place where just 1000 years ago, the whole scene wouldn't have been quite different. We always trudge down to historic monuments when we have family come by from abroad. They want to see the touristy parts of UK and I entirely don't mind. I say I don't mind because my  husband doesn't happen to be a history buff and I am not the least either but I do so more than him. I do find history much more fascinating than he does.  Most of our folks when they come down here would most likely only see most of what is in London but occasionally we have some family members who are quite particular to see other parts of UK as well. Oxford and Bath happen to be not a long drive away and it does become the second fondest place we take them to. Recently my aunt arrived from India and was keen to see Bath. So just last weekend, we visited Bath. I have to say its my third time coming here. Among the several things we saw in Bath, I love coming to the Roman baths. I think the Romans too found the hot water springs most engaging that they set up to build the baths.

The monument and the architecture just of the left over building is quite beautiful and on a hot sunny day it was even more lovelier. We were advised not to touch the hot springs water, it happens to dangerous, but at the end of the tour we do get to taste some of it. They have guided tour sets for both adults and children. My 23 month old daughter absolutely loved holding on to it, it made her feel much like an adult. We observed the hot springs, the cold ones, the roman artifacts, listened to the history and dropped some coins for good luck. Later on we trekked onto see all the other touristy spots such as the Royal Crescent, Circus, Pulteney Bridge and the Jane Austen Center. We were not very clever on how we organized our walk trek. Although the Roman baths and Pulteney Bridge are closer, we walked up to Royal Crescent and  Circus after viewing the Roman baths and back down to see the Pulteney bridge and up again to the Jane Austen Center.We had an exhausting walk but breathtaking nevertheless. Next time we will make sure we a better walking plan for our excursion.

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