Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring cleaning and organization-part 1

For a long time I have been trying to get organized  - my home! my life ! And its still certainly a mess.
I have come to point that I have dragged it long enough and I am tired of scapegoating. No organization is making me miserable!

I am sure everyone has one of these days that the chaos of unorganized life and home get to you, if you are like me, I suppose. 
My house is fairly tidy but I have a bad habit of cluttering corners. It happens when I have to quickly clean up the table or counter tops I put away all the stuff in a corner cupboard or draws. And this piles on - my husband calls it my very own coopai toothi - meaning my little dustbin! I believe I have one in every room now. Its the reason for spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is daunting to me - mostly because I just don't know where to start. I begin a room, and I find more clutter and lot of things out of place, I get overwhelmed and frustrated and I give up!

I love an organized home, that there is a place for every little thing. Therefore I am going to appeal to my innerself to pull on and get this done. Pinterest has been my source of inspiration. I  found some wonderful sites that will help me forge on. I'll share them here :

I have a long way to go!! Wish me good luck!!

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