Thursday, May 2, 2013

Four Lessons I learnt as a first time parent

Being a first time parent its both exciting and nerve racking. But along the way I have learnt a few life lessons regarding parenting.

  • One never burn bridges with your parents, relative or family members (especially if they live close by)because you  have no idea how much help they can when you are bringing up your own. I had my step-mom come all the way from the US to UK and stayed over for a month after my little one was born. I had an emergency Caesarean section and was unable to do anything except for breast feeding. My step-mom took over from doing the simplest things as cooking, doing our laundry and more so helping looking after my baby when I did need my rest. 

  • Family is good but you also should know where to set your boundaries. They will have 101 suggestions on how to raise your kid. Take the advice but do what you know is best for your child. Don't let them overwhelm you, you might be a first time parent but you are not an idiot.

  •  You are never always going to get it right. So don't depress yourself  over it. Having kids even if you are ready at your best - you will never be as ready because every child is different and come with their own set of characteristics. Sometimes harder the work or sometimes easier. For example: you might have a baby who sleeps well right from the gecko or  your baby can keep you up all night.

  •  Don't forget to take the first aid classes for babies. There is lot of help provided. Attend  a mother's group , take your child to the local libraries for story time - it helps you and your baby socially. For a long time I was a recluse, I thought that people are going to judge me and look at me oddly. Don't let things like this get you down because I have realised we are all on the same boat starting of as a mommy.

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