Friday, March 8, 2013

Resolutions part 2

So the previous list is my feasible one, simple and not complicated,achievable. But I do say that I want to do alot more, maybe wont to do it all  this year..and if I do its just kudos to me.. Yeah!!!.but its no harm noting my over the top resolution list or maybe I can call the bucket list ... No pressure...So here it goes:

1. A marathon-most likely not going to happen this year but I'll start with the 5k and work myself upwards. ( Regret side note: I should have done this when I was in high school cross country runner. Now gotta start from the very beginning. Bag humbug!

2. Travel-hopefully some of Europe this year.

3. Learn lip reading and sign language. (I am partially deaf so I do need this if I completely lose my hearing.)

4.I want to learn a European language maybe French or Spanish.

5.Volunteer in my community,meet and help do some fun projects for a good cause.

6.Learn sewing -my hubby is getting me a sewing machine so that's a start.

7.I want to join a dance class and have fun.

8. I want to expand my family -one or two more kids and a family dog. Definitely not going to happen this year but hoping next year.

That's what I have got for now but  my bucket list is always an expanding one!!! So will update as I go I just need to get started with the simple list!

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