Monday, April 2, 2012

My baby is ill :( some hard times

Last week has been quite difficult ,my little one had diarrhea and has kept me up all nite. I took her to the health visitor got some derolyte, hope she feels better soon. Today to the GP,hope they find the reason coz i have been racking up brain to what set it. I think its due to her teething but got to see after the stool test results are in. Its quite scary when your child falls sick and you feel u can't do anything . Its really. A hopeless feeling.Our routine has gone haywired and she has refuses to eat her solids. Sometimes i wished i had some help looking after. Doing it all by myself ,yes hubby is around but he is busy with work. There are days when its just wonderful with my little one but now since she turned 8months she has been clingy and crying for every small thing. She even wakes up at nite and cries if she doesn't get her way. Sometimes i can't cope but  i need to find a way. Can't wait till we move out of here in may i need to change things for both of us so we can be much happier. Wishing myself all the luck!

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