Thursday, April 12, 2012

my little baby girl

My little baby girl !! She is already 8 months old and its hard to believe that the months have passed by so quickly. I still remember the day she was born. We were just the two of us for the those three days on the labor ward. She looked at me with those mesmerizing eyes and stole my heart. Being mommy is hard work, the first month was excruciating, the first time parents that we were, we didn't know zilch. Its been a while since its been like that. Just when things were going beautifully, the routine, eating solids and sleeping at night, I thought things were getting perfect. Until one day she threw up and then there was the diarrhoea, and the night was crazier, she would wake up every hour an half in pain and cry cry. Its almost heartbreaking to see her cry in pain. It made me cry as well coz I felt helpless not being able to help her. But she has gotten better, she still has some disturbed sleep on some nights but we are getting there. Yes these two months have been grueling but I have to say within these months she also reached some milestones. She began sitting and now she is crawling and curiously exploring room after room. During the day she is quite upbeat and that I am happy about. Here is she now

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