Thursday, March 15, 2012

Looking forward to the weekend:)

Lots of things are coming together....and thus reason to look forward  for this weekend.

So things that made me happy...this week ...i got my hubby the perfect gift for his 30th birthday!! We rarely go over with presents for each other birthdays. But this is his 30th and I think he is really amazing so got him his first  aircraft lesson experience. So this Sunday he is gonna have his first fly and I am just so excited about it. The other reason I am happy is that we got the apartment we wanted to rent, there were several hours and we were skeptical but it finally came through. And this means shopping for furniture and thinking of interior decorating our new place so really can't wait for tomorrow. And not to forget this sunday will be my first mother's day as a mommy. Couldn't be happier!!!

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