Monday, March 12, 2012

Few bad day feelings...

i think i have become a recluse, so much so that  I feel I don’t know if I communicate with people as well and they don’t understand me. Nowadays it terrifies because I don’t come across as composed I should i have all these tiny fear for the littlest things and i think i need to change. Just the other day, we were looking for apartments/houses
We are going to be moving soon and looked for apartments /houses we liked on the computer. My husband asked me to book the viewing  with the agents and I couldn’t get myself to call them to book the viewing since I was afraid how I would sound. Anticipating that the call is worst, I did call and I wasn’t understood, tried calling again and I was hung up. My self esteem i think has reached the lowest point and I question myself on every little thing. I should say to myself ‘I think I can’ but I don’t. Very negative I am.Just have had a few bad and low days...hope its only a passing phase!

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