Friday, September 27, 2013

Some BLOGGING thoughts and more of my FLIGHT TRIP with my two year old daughter!!

So I have been dormant for about a month not been writing here,so much for my consistent blogging!!! Although I have to say I had other things to consider such as accounting to my other responsibilities of being a stay at home mom and staying consistent with those. For more on my struggles of stay at home mom you can read my previous blog 'The struggles of a stay at home mom - Its not easy for me!'

As per blogging, I have my moments of guilt when I haven't blogged for awhile, especially the times I have wanted too and can't . Nevertheless I talk aloud in my head to compensate for the times I don't blog. Writing has given me a voice when I feel at times I don't have one. Sometimes however strong my opinions are on a matter I can be easily convinced otherwise. Sometimes this frustrates me because later on I feel my opinions are always overlooked but in someways you can see this is my own doing. So yes I prefer writing, I don't feel my opinions being revoked. More so I find in blogging, people do put in their opinions but at least mine hasn't been overlooked. Now I didn't want to be writing about blogging but I did it miss doing these past few weeks.

Flight trip
Now the other reason I haven't done much writing is that I was planning my holiday trip to California with just my little TWO YEAR OLD and ME!! We were making our first trip to visit to Porterville, CA to see my folks and as for me I was dreading the 10 hour plane journey. I know I shouldn't have been nervous since I did take a flight with her from India to London when she was about a year old. That flight was a smooth journey since she slept all the way until the last one hour when we had to land and she refused to be seat-belted on my lap. We kicked up such a fuss and everything I tried to do to pacify her backfired on me. I felt so futile and cringed while others stared at me - giving me that look that oh my god she can't take care of her own kid!! That one hour was the longest hour than the total 8 hours we were on the flight. So this time I was just expecting the worst but I have to say the flight to California went off to a great start and realised I was unnecessarily fretting. On the flight, she had her own chair and we brought along Mickey Mouse and her little baby doll. We played a lot of pretend games till she was exhausted and went to sleep till we landed. Not once did she want to come out of her seat or cry, she also ate well and since we had woken up early to catch the flight we were bit tired but being overexcited about being in a plane we took our time. We slept a good 5 hours on the flight and although while landing she was little perturbed, I told her we were going down a bumpy slide weeeee.....she clutched on my hand but not a fuss. As for me I was glad everything turned out well and now i only need to fret about the long flight back but for now I will take comfort in that this one went so well. I was very proud of my little girl and hopefully the flight back would be as good as this.


  1. We have a flight from NYC to Orlando with our little man in November - any tips?

    1. .Hi Elizabeth, I am not sure how long your flight is but when we made our first long flight it was more than 8hours and she was about 9months. We made sure her flight was in the night, I carried some formula milk and some baby food, I made sure she was mostly in her seat since she was in a curious stage and would jumped out and crawled and explored the whole plane. She did sleep through most of the flight, also carry some baby books or a favourite toy just to keepThem entertained. I hope this helps I know that even when I knew I had everything covered I was still apprehensive.

  2. I can't imagine going on such a long flight with my 3 year old. We've gone on plane rides, but they were all less than one hour. It's great that your daughter did so well!

  3. Glad your flight ended up going well.

  4. Sometimes life happens. You're family is lucky that you put them first. I'm glad your trip went well! What a little trooper your little girl is!

  5. Glad your flight went well, I understand those blogging 'vacations' and happy you're back

  6. I do love a good blogging vacation (or even a vacation where I don't need to blog!) It's SO nice when a flight with a little one doesn't end in disaster! Kuddos!